Welcome to the House of the Rising Phoenix

The House of the Rising Phoenix is dedicated to combating the forces of the Unlife in Elanthia, standing steadfast against the agents of Chaos, releasing the tortured spirits of the Undead from their eternal torment, and dedicating ourselves to the protectection of Elanthia and its citizenry. We strive to maintain honor within the lands, leading by good example. Keeping the records of time and knowledge, we share our libraries of lore and history for the further edification of all who seek knowledge.

“ ...and the coming of the Unlife may take many forms. Some may garb themselves in shapes of terror and evil and dwell in the forgotten places of the world and in the realm of the dead. Others may come among you with secret words of power and mystic symbols to lure even those who would fight hardest against them. ”

Moon Spectre Murders and 2018

Breshon Caulfield has arrived as the new Commander of the Hendoran Outpost. He is brother to Larsya Caulfield, the teenage girl who was aged rapidly last year without a cure.

A vigilante killer has on the loose killing wife beats and degenerates in gruesome ways. People have currently taken to calling him Rone's Ghost.

Evil exists in many forms and the House of the Rising Phoenix needs to safeguard against it. Be it demonic, undead or mortal in nature.

Keeping up with the Kestrels?

The ongoing saga of the Kestrels - January 2017 through December 2017. Keep up!

  • Keeping up with the Kestrels
  • This string of stories recently concluded with the death of Grand Magister Dennett Kestrel, who had gone rogue from the Hall of Mages. Shinnan carries parts of the memories of his wife. Story hooks remain so stay tuned!